2005 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS sedan Automatic silver complete part out

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Our newest car is a 2005 Subaru Impreza RS Automatic that was lightly hit in the right rear. Chassis had 198k on it. Black cloth interior in ok shape drivers seat has small hole on the back bolster. Engine started and ran but has ROD KNOCK. This car came with a WRX hood that has a dent on the front above the emblem on the grill other wise it is in good condition. The car also came with WRX wheels with Prime Well PS830 with 6/32nds on the tread. It came with a TSUDO N1 style catback exhaust that has a few small dents and scraps but is in good shape otherwise. Both fenders are in decent shape one looks to have been repainted and the other has a scuff mark. Head lights and tail lights are in great shape.

Damaged parts– Front bumper, Rear bumper, Engine has ROD KNOCK.

WRX hood– (with scoop)- $175 (without scoop)- $125

WRX wheels and tires–SOLD

TSUDO catback exhaust– SOLD

Fenders– $70 (EACH)

Trunk lid (has a few minor dents)–$125

Short ram intake–$40


2005 Impreza front right 2005 Impreza front left 2005 Impreza left rear2005 Impreza right rear2005 Impreza engine bay2005 Impreza interior2005 Impreza cluster2003 wrx wheelsTSUDO catback 2005 Impreza trunk lid



Just SOME of the parts available: (We have parted out MANY of these Subaru Impreza WRX models so we have lots of parts)

Body parts:
– Doors
– Hatches
– Glass
– Sideskirts
– Tail lights
– Headlights




– Suspension


– Alternators

– Power steering pumps
– A/C compressors / lines
– Intercoolers
– Coil packs
– Injectors
– Exhaust manifolds
– Pedal boxes
– Clutch / Brake master / slave cylinders
– Driveshafts
– Brakes
– CV axles


Interior parts:

– Seats
– Trim panels
– Dashboards
– Center console parts


Electrical parts:

– Wiring harness, engine and body
– Airbag modules
– Airbags
– Gauge clusters
– Radios
– Switches